Harpine / North America

The Herpins emigrated essentially to North America in two batches, namely in the first half of 18th century as well as in the second half of 19th century.

In 18th century the Herpins from the Palatinate were among the earliest settlers in the Oley Valley, Pennsylvania (1). Some of them searched a new home about the middle of the 18th century and found it in Virginia, Shenandoah County. There they founded Harpinetown near Moores Store. Other went to Virginia from the Palatinate. Descendants of Pierre Herpin are still living in Virginia and Pennsylvania. Their names are Harpine or Herbein.

Jacob William Harpine gives certainly a particular description of the Herpin offspring in Virginia in his book Philip Harpine and Catherine, and their descendants, (2) The edition of this book is unfortunately out of print. My intensiv efforts had no success up to this time to buy second-hand or lend out the book.

The later emigrants were derived from the Uckermark or East Prussia. Their names were spelled Herpin, Harpain and Harpeng.


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