"Three brothers came from France to Germany. One of them moved forward to East Prussia."
So my family history says, which was delivered over hundreds of years.
In fact, I found the three brothers Herpin, who came to Germany in the year 1664. One of the ten sons of those three brothers, Jean Herpin, was registered in 1712 with his wife and two children in Kampischkehmen, which lies in the district of Gumbinnen in East Prussia.


Archives, in which I worked in, or were send information to me:

Archives départementales Du Bas-Rhin, Strasbourg
Archives départementales Du Nord, Lille
Archives départementales Du Pas-de-Calais, Arras
Archiv Französischer Dom, Berlin
Archiv und Bibliothek der Deutschen Hugenotten-Gesellschaft, Bad Karlshafen
Archiv von www.familysearch.org
Genealogische Forschungsstelle der Mormonen Bremen
Landeskirchenarchiv Speyer
Wallonische Bibliothek Amsterdam


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Date: 28th December 2013

The pictures of Pas-de-Calais and East Prussia used in the header come fromWikipedia and Provinz Ostpreußen-GenWiki.